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Hamilton Pool

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Set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, Hamilton Pool is a Texas gem that has been attracting visitors from all over the world. Located just a short drive from Austin, this natural swimming pool is a must-visit destination for any nature lover or outdoor enthusiast. Known for its crystal-clear waters, dramatic limestone cliffs, and…

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 A Fun Time In San Antonio and Spring Branch

My family and I returned from a fun weekend adventure in San Antonio and Spring Branch. We golfed, listened to music and camped in a couple of good RV parks. Plus, we explored a cool entertainment district, swam in the Guadalupe River, and ate and drank way too much! Parking at Admiralty RV Resort We…

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The Best New (or Improved) Texas Hotels

If you're looking for a great hotel to stay in for your Texas weekend getaway, here's a list of the best Texas hotels. You want a hotel to be your all-in destination. You don't want to leave it, so you are not concerned about proximity to a major metropolitan area, but you do want all…

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The Best Little Cabin in Texas: Escape to the Hills & Pines of Central Texas

There is a cabin tucked away on top of a hill in Central Texas. It peeks out through lost pines where birds call to each other as they busily take care of their daily chores, and where the breeze whispers its hello through the open windows. This is the place for peace and tranquility, secluded…

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