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The Best Little Cabin in Texas: Escape to the Hills & Pines of Central Texas

There is a cabin tucked away on top of a hill in Central Texas. It peeks out through lost pines where birds call to each other as they busily take care of their daily chores, and where the breeze whispers its hello through the open windows. This is the place for peace and tranquility, secluded…

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Texas Tipis & Glamping Trips

Looking for some unique outdoor lodging? Try some of these tipis & glamping trips. Organized glamping trips feature all of the exposure to the great outdoors as traditional camping trips without the bugs, wild animals, sudden storms, leaking tents, smelly sleeping bags, and questionable food. Despite being outdoors, they come with awesome amenities such as…

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Texas Eco Domes Redefine Travel

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In the heart of the Lone Star State, a travel revolution is quietly unfolding. Here, the quintessential image of Texas – wide-brimmed hats, longhorns, and oil rigs – is getting a green makeover. Enter the eco dome, a symbol of sustainable living and an increasingly popular choice for travelers seeking an environmentally friendly way to…

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