Pet a Baby Croc in Texomaland 

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Gunter, Texas, is experiencing growing pains, but you would never know it while touring Crocodile Creek, just a few miles north of Gunter proper. Burlington Northern San Francisco (BSNF) Railway bought over 900 acres north of Gunter and some property within its city limits to build a huge logistics center.  Gunter is a Texas prairie…

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Texas Guide to the 2024 Total Eclipse

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The total solar eclipse 2024, on April 8, will enter Texas from the border towns of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, and Eagle Pass, Texas. According to the Great American Eclipse website, Texas has the potential to host 720,000 out-of-state visitors and 13 million Texans live within this eclipse’s path. The eclipse excitement will continue to…

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