Kerrville, the official capital of Texas Hill Country, is located in its heart with plenty of options for outdoor activities. It was named after James Kerr who was serving in Texas Revolution as a major. The town founder ‘Joshua Brown’ was his friend who finally settled here for his venture of starting a cypress shingle camp. 

With a population of around 20,000, Kerrville is an attractive destination for tourists and camping lovers from all over the world. If you ask what makes it one of the most fun parts of Texas to visit, the answer will be all of the things you can do and enjoy in and around Kerrville. 

With the Guadalupe River, RV resorts, campsites, the Kerrville Folk Festival, the home James Avery Jewelry, Schreiner University, Texas’ Official State Arts & Crafts Fair, and all of the surrounding youth summer camps makes it a fantastic destination for outdoor activities.  

Tapatio Springs Ridge Course
Yogi Bear Jellystone Guadalupe River
1011 Bistro

Three main factors that actually matter for fun outdoor activity are accommodations, scenery, and people. Start with the accommodations. One can find the best-rated living places there with all facilities required for a relaxing environment.

Next comes the scenery which is awesome and lastly the people who are friendly with a welcoming mood for everyone coming to enjoy the beauty and splendor of this majestic hill area. 

After knowing these fantastic facts you must be wondering what to do in Kerrville to enjoy the attractions. For exploring all things to do in Kerrville just keep reading it till the last word and get ready for the fun!

Go Golfing In Kerrville

Along with several quality golf courses within 30 minutes, you can find 2 major private and one public golf course in Kerrville. Tapatio Springs is one of the favorite courses of Texas Outside besides some private courses around. Check out our review of Tapatio Springs.

Whatever you want to go for, private or public golf course, locating these golf courses is very easy as we have prepared a separate page with all required information on golf courses in Kerrville. 

You can visit Kerrville Golf Course Map now in order to know the location, the website, and call timing for any golf course open for golf lovers from all corners of the world. We hope this information will make your golfing venture easier yet more interesting.  

Try Shopping In Kerrville

Shopping in Kerrville is a bit more interesting thing to do due to the presence of plenty of antique shops you will find nowhere but here in Kerrville. Wherever you go in Texas, Fredericksburg, Comfort, Ingram Loop, and Boerne, you will find such shops with amazing old-fashioned items attracting every buyer visiting there. 

Go Biking Around Kerrville

Road biking is one of the most thrilling things to do in Kerrville. The exciting biking trails at Hill Country State Natural Area in Bandera, Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, or in Kerrville-Schreiner State Park along with some great back roads, it’s an ideal destination for enthusiastic bikers.  

Get Wet!

Fun is not complete without water. Swimming, fishing, boating, canoeing, sitting at a bank, or kayaking are all possible with just one great spot available and it is available in Texas. Yes, the attractive Guadalupe River that runs through texas offers all these opportunities to get wet in your own way. 

You can rent out a kayak, canoe, or tube to play with the water or visit Ingram Dam for more fun things including skiing, boarding, sailing, and a lot more you can ever think about.

Spend the Weekend At A Resort 

Want to spend great family time at weekend? If yes, Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Park is a place full of attractions kids would love to explore while you can spend time at cabins or campsites near Saloon and Guadalupe River. It’s a family entertainment spot where everyone can find his share of fun and activity. 

Explore our map of campgrounds and RV parks in Kerrville.

Play Cowboy OR Cowgirl

Those who love horse riding can go to the ropes course at Mo-Ranch and enjoy riding along in Hill Country at Rancho Cortez.

Enjoy Good Food

For food lovers, Texas Outside suggests dining at 1011 Bistro at least once to enjoy a spectacular river view through floor-to-ceiling windows while those who enjoy the outdoors can sit outside in a balcony area exactly above the river. Both options offer something unique and memorable you hardly have experienced before.

Party Hardy

Want to listen to live music in a relaxing environment in a hill area? If yes, then Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of Texas, offers some of the best lively bars, country music, and dance floors creating an ambiance full of amusement.

Attend Events In Kerrville

Local festivals and events add more attraction to the Kerrville tour. Like for the months of May and June, you can add Kerrville Folk Festival to your list if you love to attend music concerts and festivals. The Kerrville River Festival is also a good one to check out. This entertainment does not end here, you can find a lot of other events on our Upcoming Events page to bookmark one for you.

Play Tourist

Have at least one to two days to enjoy a tourist experience? We can make a complete list of activities and things to do in Kerrville tx to facilitate the journey. Let’s see what to do in Kerrville and where:

  • In downtown Kerrville, you can go to the Hill Country Museum, enjoy shopping on Water Street, and visit Kerr Arts & Cultural Center.
  • For James Avery jewelry lovers, the main campus in Kerrville is the place to explore.
  • For a picnic, outdoor games, swimming, and volleyball, Kerrville offers some of the best city parks with a complete environment for full-day activity.
  • Love to visit mysterious places & witness natural happenings? If yes, Devil’s Sinkhole is a place in Texas where you can see four million Mexican Free-tailed Bats whirling around the largest cavern representing something that cannot be enjoyed in movies.
  • Those who love to drive while enjoying the scenic beauty can start with shopping at the Old Ingram Loop and head towards the small town of Hunt till lunchtime. After lunch, drive to the north side on 1340 till you reach Stonehenge II. From here continue driving alongside Guadalupe River (North Fork) and stay there to enjoy fresh air, swimming, fishing, or just dipping your feet into the water to feel the beauty of your surroundings.
  • To add more fun to your tour, don’t forget to enjoy Dinosaur tracks at Boerne (at the Cibolo Nature Center), Bandera, and Blanco River Trackway.

Explore our map of things to do in Kerrville, and if you’re looking to stay for the weekend don’t miss our Kerrville Cottages & Cabins article.

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