Hey (no, hay is for horses, not something to gain your attention), you can’t claim you live in or have experienced Texas until you jump on a horse and go on a trail or horseback ride. And Texas has some of the best riding stables, trail rides, horseback camps, and horse rentals around and you can always enjoy and learn a lot from a horseback riding lesson. So don’t horse around, mount up and go horseback riding. Sign up for a trail ride, plan a horseback riding vacation, visit a dude ranch or riding stable, and rent a horse for some fun horseback riding.

There is a plethora of reasons why you might want to try riding a horse. It is certainly a fun and impressive skill to have if you want to show off in front of your friends and family one day. But it is also a great hobby that is fairly easy to enjoy since you will always be able to rent a horse for a day. Finding horseback riding near you is not going to be a difficult task – there is bound to be at least a few farms or ranches that offer this type of entertainment.

If you are still not sold on the idea of horseback riding, then you should also know that this is one of the best hobbies to help you relax, develop positive character traits, and even improve your physical health. Believe it or not, horseback riding is a type of exercise with relatively high intensity. And even if you are not about the exercise, you are bound to love horses once you get to spend some time with them – they are one of the most social animals, but not many people know of this. 

You can rest assured that the Texas trail rides will be a great experience, regardless of your experience. Newcomers should not hesitate to try to rent a horse for a day, because they will also be able to take advantage of the excellent coaching and guided tours that will help them get a grasp over horse riding. 

Central Texas Horseback Riding Stables, Lessons, Horse Rentals, Trail Rides, & Horseback Riding

Central Texas is certainly one of the favorite locations of people who want to escape the busy life in the city, and enjoy some leisure time out in the wilderness. Of course, you do not need to necessarily go on a long hiking trail – there are plenty of ranches, which will happily accommodate you and provide you with various entertainment. Needless to say, the Central part of the Lone Star state is infamous for the horseback riding experiences you can find. Check out two of the best spots to consider when looking for horseback riding nearby. 

The heart of Texas is undoubtedly one of the best spots to choose for your next trip to the Lone Star state. The majority of the state’s ranches and farms can be found in this area.

BlissWood B&B Ranch

Horseback Riding in Cat Spring, Texas

During a stay at BlissWood B&B Ranch why not enjoy a leisurely guided one hour horseback ride through meadows, forests, and across creeks.

Choose from 16 unique lodging options including turn-of-the-century Texas Homes, The Enchanted Cabin by the Lake or a contemporary Texas ranch house. Enjoy simple life in the calming surroundings of our working ranch, where animals abound including horses, chickens, dogs, cats, pot-bellied pigs, deer, peacocks, and even American Bison. Enjoy numerous ranch activities including horseback riding, archery, animal feeding tours, fishing and more! Our breathtaking 650 acres on the Lehmann Legacy Ranch is ideally located only an hour west of Houston, and 2 hours to San Antonio and Austin.

Hunter Chase Farms

Hunter Chase Farms – Wimberley, Texas

Hunters Chase Farms is well-known throughout the Texas Hill Country as one of the finest riding schools teaching English and Western riding and specializing in Hunter/Jumper. Students are taught to ride and care for their horses safely. Good horsemanship and teamwork are stressed in all of the lessons.

West Texas Riding Stables, Lessons, Horse Rentals, Trail Rides, & Horseback Riding

If the greener side of Texas is not your desired location, then you might try to spice things up with a trip to the Western, dryer part of the Lone Star state. Do not worry about founding entertainment there – the Chihuahuan Desert and the area surrounding it has plenty of experiences to offer. There are plenty of reputable ranches will allow you to explore various exciting activities such as horseback riding, archery, knife throwing, and more. 

If you find yourself in West Texas, and you are looking for horseback riding nearby, then your search is bound to take you to the Lajitas Equestrian Center. It is part of a massive resort, which has plenty of other things to offer, but we will leave this for another post.

Of course, do not forget that you are in the dampest part of Texas, so you should certainly check out the local fishing spots as well.

A ride with Lajitas Equestrian Center

Lajitas Equestrian Center – Lajitas, Texas

Lajitas Equestrian Center, part of the fantastic Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa, offers premier vacation packages for the individual or family who desire a true Texas experience on horseback. The featured summer vacation packages include a 3 day private cutting clinic.  Experience the thrill of riding a well-trained cutting horse just like the pros.  With cutting horse trainer and former NCHA judge, O.K. Estes and assistant trainer, Kathy Hoadley, you will receive one-on-one instruction and guidance in one of the horse industry’s most exciting sports.

Their summer Horsemanship 101 clinics offer lessons and guidance in private sessions on a well-trained horse suitable to your riding experience.  If you’ve always wanted to learn to ride correctly, to understand the techniques of riding and the basic care and skills necessary to own a horse, this package promises to be a fun-filled educational experience.   Horsemanship 101 is offered for the individual or family who want to participate in learning to ride together.  An ideal horseback vacation destination, they provide a 3 day or 5 day package. The Lajitas Equestrian Center offers a variety of other services for Resort Guests including guided trail rides, riding lessons, and boarding.

North Texas Horseback Riding Stables, Lessons, Horse Rentals, Trail Rides, & Horseback Riding

Searching for horseback riding near me in the Dallas area is bound to provide you with plenty of results. But even if you are looking to get out of the city, you will still be able to find amazing ranches that offer guided tours, teaching, and many other outdoor entertaining activities. 

You will discover plenty of beautiful Texas trail rides that might take you near other fun opportunities such as kayaking, climbing, and mountaineering. Of course, some of these require at least some experience in order to participate fully. Horseback riding, on the other hand, can be done by complete newbies – as long as you have a good teacher by your side. You can rest assured that the North Texas horseback riding instructors will teach you everything you need to know in order to feel much more secure and confident on a horse.  

Hopper Ranch Horseback Riding Ranch

Horseback Riding in Aubrey, Texas

Need someplace for your or the kids can go for an hour, a day or even a week for Horse Camp, at Trail Ride, or just a place to be around horses?  Hopper Ranch is it!

Hopper Ranch offers Groom and Learn, Horseback Riding, Lessons, Fishing, Summer Horse Camps, Family Outings and an exciting competitive Barrel Race on Tuesday Nights.

Broken Bow Ranch

Horseback Riding in Crandall, Texas

Broken Bow Ranch offers a wide variety of recreational activities. They have horse-back riding, camp, and lessons, paint ball, and hunting leases.

Gay Leigh Bingham is an expert horsewoman with 25 years of experience in the Show arena and in instruction. She offers private and group riding lessons on Broken Bow’s specially trained Quarter Horses, as a camp and Boy Scout Merit Badge Counseling as well as laid back trail rides or birthday parties.

Curragh Equestrian Center

Curragh Equestrian Center – Fort Worth, Texas

Curragh Equestrian Center is a full service boarding and training center where instruction and training is available for beginners to advanced competitors. Custom designed children and adult classes and camps are available throughout the year. Private and group lessons are scheduled daily.

East Horseback Riding Stables, Lessons, Horse Rentals, Trail Rides, & Horseback Riding

South East Texas is home to many amazing hiking trails, which offer a great hiking experience for both experienced hikers, as well as beginners. But, of course, this is by far not the only outdoor activity to explore there. If you find yourself in the Houston area, then you should certainly try to find some of the horseback riding opportunities in the region. 

There are multiple amazing Texas trail rides around Houston, and the best part is that they are ideal for people without any horseback riding experience. Of course, do not let the lack of experience worry you – when rent a horse for a day, you will also get an ‘introductory’ lesson, which will teach you all the basics. And if you are still worried about this, then you will be glad to hear that there are guided tours and more sophisticated horseback riding courses to participate in. 

Tempe Creek Ranch

Tempe Creek Ranch – Livingston, Texas

At the 83 acre Tempe Creek Ranch the knowledgeable staff take meticulous care in matching horse/rider skills and needs. From roping and barrels to trail riding and pleasure, they have the right horse for you. You might want to take the 45 minute trail ride among the beautiful trees and lakes. Tempe Creek Ranch offers trail rides and carriage rides at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes where you can stay overnight in authentic log cabins, log suites, and private log homes. 

Ebenezer Park

Ebenezer Park – Jasper, Texas

Ebenezer Park is the only area where horses are allowed on Sam Rayburn. The Equestrian area contains 10 campsites, all with water hookups. All these sites feature a hardened RV pullout, hitching posts, table and fire ring. Corrals are also placed within the campsite area. They are working toward having a corral for each equestrian site.

Gulf Coast Horseback Riding Stables, Lessons, Horse Rentals, Trail Rides, & Horseback Riding

Whenever you hear horseback riding, you are probably thinking of green plains or a dry desert, with not a soul in sight. But, what if you are looking for a more ‘social’ experience, closer to civilization? You will find exactly this in South West Texas, where there are some great Texas trail rides near the beach. These beach horseback riding locations are ideal for beginners. 

The area near South Padre Island and Corpus Christi has amazing horseback rides to offer, and you should certainly research horseback riding near me when in the area. You will come across a flurry of ranches and farms where you can rent a horse for a day, and also get to work with certified coaches and riders who will teach you everything you need to know. The horseback rides on the beach are something that you should try at least once!

And horseback riding is certainly not the only entertainment in the area. Even if you are far away from the plains of East Texas, or the dry lands of the South, you will still find plenty of outdoor entertainment along the South West Texas Trail Rides.

Cypress Trails

Cypress Trails – Houston, Texas

Cypress Trails property adjoins some of the most scenic and challenging trails in Texas. National and world-class endurance horses for both pleasure trail riding and competitive endurance riding instruction are available. They welcome you to come by and ride for an hour, just for fun or for a day and learn some of the riding techniques from the best.

Horses On The Beach

South Padre Island Horseback Riding

Riding horses on the beautiful beach of South Padre Island is one of the most memorable experiences anyone can have. All of the horseback rides travel right along the beach and water’s edge.

Everyone can ride horses on the beach. South Padre Island Adventure Park specializes in providing safe horseback rides for children and first time riders. They are all escorted and supervised by professional Trail Bosses who are there for your enjoyment, safety and the well-being of the horses. Rides are in a loose group where you can ride beside each other… or not.

Pick one of the horseback rides on the beach along with other activities and save money using their discounted on-line reservation service. The more activities you enjoy, the more you save!

Horses On The Beach- Corpus

Corpus Christi Horseback Riding On The Beach

Horses On The Beach is focused on offering the unique experience of riding horseback on the beach in Corpus Christi to both young & old, beginner to advanced, and anyone in between. The staff is dedicated to helping you create a truly memorable experience.

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