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If you like music, belly dancing, games of skill, and camping, head to the Texas Renaissance Festival. If your favorite holiday is Halloween, make the Texas Renaissance Festival the one thing to do in 2024.

Held in October and November just outside of Montgomery, Texas, the festival is about 30 minutes north of Houston. It runs for eight weekends and is a blast.

Texas Renaissance Festival: Oh, What a Fun Event!

A very well done recreated 16th century village on 53 acres plays host to the Texas Renaissance Festival. For 8 straight weekends,thousands of visitors dressed in simple to elaborate period costumes flock to Montgomery. If you want to make the most of the festival, dress in period costume yourself.

Wenches at Texas Renaissance Festival
texas rennaissance festival
The Roman Legion marching from the campground to enter the festiva
festival goers dressed in period costumes

As you meander along the cobblestone paths in the village, you’ll find:

  • More than 300 vendors, each dressed in period customs and speaking the language, that offer a variety of unique and different goods for sale;
  • 16 stages and more than 200 daily performances ranging from belly dancing and bagpipes to magicians and mud pit contests;
  • Games of skill, elephant rides, wall climbing, swings, and plenty of other fun things for anyone ages 4 to 90;
  • A huge Roman coliseum with jousting and other period events;
  • Food from around the world and taverns selling good, cold beverages.
texas rennaissance festival goers
Taverns, food booths, arts and crafts, and more

Renaissance Taverns and Nearby Lodging

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, head to a tavern! If you get tired of walking, sit in one of the festival taverns, listen to a performance, and admire the characters in period costume.

There’s something for everyone to do here.

To make this event more fun, come in costume or buy one at the Renaissance Festival, and camp just a short walk from the gate. At the campground, the party continues well into the night. If you’re not into primitive camping (no water or electric, with scattered porta potties), then nearby Montgomery or Conroe have plenty of choices for lodging.

Fire on the head balancing on a bowling ball
bungee cord
tight rope walking

You need to make this a weekend to see and experience most of what this fun Texas festival has to offer. To learn more about this fun event, read our review of Texas Renaissance Festival.

an entertainer playing the bagpipes at the Texas Renaissance Festival
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