Texas is home to some of the Strangest Attractions in the United States. Texas tourists just won’t find attractions like Stonehenge II to Cadillac Ranch anywhere else. These are attractions that can only be found in Texas. This article is dedicated to what we consider the strangest and oddest tourist attractions in Texas.

4 Strange Texas Attractions

Stonehenge ll in Hunt, TX

Stonehenge ll in Hunt, TX

Stonehenge II is a copy of the original Stonehenge, mysterious stone formations, located more than 3,500 miles away on the Salisbury Plain in England. An addition of two Easter Island heads stand away at respectful distance on either side of the ‘Henge perhaps to guard. The entrance sign refers to the original: “Its purpose is unknown, and, perhaps, unknowable.”

Devils Rope Museum

Devils Rope Museum On Old Route 66

\From the first practical barbed wire invention in 1868 to today, more than 450 patents exist for barbed wire and more than 2,000 types and variations of barbed wire have been found by collectors. You can visit the museum to see the variation as well as historical documents, photos, wire tools, advertisements, catalogs, patent models, wire medicine samples and memorabilia.

The Iconic Munster Mansion

Munster Mansion in Waxahachie

This famous house stands proud and shockingly accurate at over 5,000 square feet! The instantly recognizable home of televisions most fiendishly funny and ‘abnormal’ monster family stands forebodingly. Check out the various sections of this site for photographs, news on events and when the home will be open to the public and much more!

The cult like Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch near Armarillo

Ranch consists of 10 Cadillacs planted nose-down into the ground. The cars used were year models 1949, ’52, ’54, ’56, ’57, ’58, ’59, ’60, ’62, and ’64. These models were chosen to represent the evolution of the Cadillac’s signature tail fins. Cadillac Ranch gained popularity thanks to Bruce Springsteen’s song to this odd attraction.

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