Usually the happiest visit to a storage facility is when you are closing your account and moving out.  Not at Hilltop RV & Boat Storage in Northlake Texas.  Each visit is just plain fun. I’m not getting paid to write this article, this place is just a wonderful hidden gem in North Texas that I had to share. 

Hilltop Storage and RV located in Northlake Texas is fun to visit anytime. You can find it back off of HWY 407 between the Harvest and Pecan Square neighborhoods, just west of I-35W.

A Bit of Hilltop History 

The property was originally the Arnold family’s homestead.  The Arnold family is doing a great job turning their once family home and workshop into a thriving family business.  With food in their blood, check out father Trace Arnold aka the Rib Whisperers Facebook Page, they planned for more than just storing RV and Boats… and I have to say “THANK YOU!”

Today the day-to-day operations are ran by Trooper and Tanner Arnold.  When they first opened it was hard to find them.  Google hadn’t indexed their address yet, and they are set back off the road enough to make it hard to locate.  

“Turn West on 407 off Hwy 35W then drive until you see the Northlake Police Department Building, then slow down cause right after that is a dirt road, turn right.  We are back on the right… I promise… If you get to Justin you’ve gone WAY too far!” 

Today simple search for Hilltop RV & Storage Solutions and you’ll have no problem finding their location.  Now my favorite things at Hilltop Storage and RV is not the storage facility itself, but the fully-stocked store front.

Smoked Sausage Cooler

The Food at Hilltop Storage

My favorite food item is their Jalapeño and Cheddar sausages.  Those can be found in the freezer on the right as you walk in.  My family and I keep a few packs in the freezer at all times.  They are great for breakfast, lunch, snack – pretty much all day long.

In that same freezer you can grab choice steaks, along with my kids’ favorite Maple Sausages.  The maple sausages are too sweet for me, and the Jalapeño and Cheddar Sausages are to spicy for my kids so its the perfect family breakfast combo.

Fresh Sushi at Hilltop

Telling people I’m going to pick up sushi from Hilltop RV & Boat Storage made me feel a little judged.  Then they find out its the popular Sushi DoJo and they immediately wanted to come. How can this be?

Hilltop has a full commercial kitchen in the back of their main building and that is where Sushi Dojo serves only to-go orders.  Order Online and pick up at the drive up window. It’s really amazing food, and much less expensive than going out for sushi.

Hilltop Also Has Chocolate Factory OnSite

Yes there is a real chocolate factory onsite.  It’s called The Touring Chocolatier, and they offer artisan chocolate gifts made from gourmet chocolate right inside their factory. The factory is located on the east side of Hilltop’s main building (the right side if facing the main Hilltop entrance).

The Touring Chocolatier shares their passion and knowledge of gourmet chocolate through tastings and CHOCOLATE MAKING CLASSES. Are you having fun yet?

RV’s and Boaters Can Have Fun Too

For myself, having fun means being able to pick up my boat or RV and then get everything I need to head out, all in one location.  The Arnolds made sure you can dump your waste tanks, fill up propane, top off your water and stock up on food before every trip.  All services are on-site and make storing their much easier then most facilities.

If you are customer they allow you to 2 bags of ice too.

(Shhhh its a secret perk) 

Grill Shop with Rubs, Seasonings, Charcoal and Pellets

They added the Grill Shop in the past year and with it some of the best rubs, seasonings, wood pellets and custom charcoal you can find anywhere in North Texas.  

I use the Competition Mesquite Pellets for my pellet smoker, and Hilltop keeps them in stock.  Not to mention I’ve been able to pick The Rib Whisperer’s brain on BBQ tactics, which has yielded some really tasty smoked meats.

The Arnolds are the best people on the earth and always greet you with a smile and a story.  If you don’t think sausage, sushi, chocolate, BBQ and full service RV & Boat storage is fun – then by all means don’t come to Hilltop RV & Storage.

But if you’re like me, I hope to see you there.

Chris C Walters
Author: Chris C Walters

Chris C Walters is an outdoorsman who grew up around Saltwater but now spends his days writing about his adventures with his family at lakes all over the US. A successful entrepreneur who loves making your family trips more fun.

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