It is true that Chile adopted its current version of its flag on October 18, 1817, but did Texas copy the Chilean flag? Yes, it is true that The Republic of Texas adopted today’s version of the Texas State flag on January 25, 1839. Chile’s flag is called “La Estrella Solitaria” (The Lone Star). Texas’ flag is called the Lone Star. Can you tell the difference? Do you know which flag belongs to Texas?

Well, Did Texas Indeed Copy The Chilean Flag?

No, Texas did not copy Chile’s flag. The two flags are almost twins, but not exactly the same. Each jurisdiction’s lone star is atop a blue field on the left of the flag and each has a horizontal red stripe and white stripe divided equally on the right field of its flag. 

Is Chile’s and Texas’ Flag the Same?

No. The key difference between the Chile and Texas flags is the left side of their flags and the lone star on the blue field. The blue vertical stripe on the left side of the Texas flag stretches from the top to the bottom of the flag. The Chilean flag puts its lone star on a blue square in the upper left corner, and its red stripe extends the bottom length of its flag.

Who Had the Flag First, Chile or Texas?

Once a country becomes independent from a motherland, it usually adopts its own flag through a legislative process. Chile formally achieved its independence from Spain in 1818. However, Chile declared independence from Spain on September 18, 1810, and celebrates its Independence Day on September 18.  

Chile adopted its flag before The Republic of Texas adopted its flag. Chile adopted its flag on October 18, 1817, before it won independence from Spain. This came through the Guerra de la Independencia de Chile in 1818, which translates to the War of Independence of Chile in English.

The Republic of Texas did not adopt its flag until three years after it achieved independence from Mexico in 1836. It took Chile seven years to design and adopt its flag during its revolution. Texas took three years to formally adopt its current flag after its revolution, but its Lone Star flag had been flying during the war along with other versions.

What Do the Colors of the Texas Flag Symbolize?

Today, the official Texas Flag Code states what the colors symbolize. Red symbolizes courage, white for purity and liberty, and blue for loyalty like the American Flag. During the Texas revolution, red symbolized war, white symbolized peace, and blue, friendship. Most historical research points to Interim President David B. Burnet of 1836 and 1841, and Texas Vice President (1839-1841), as the designer of the 1836 flag, which became the 1839 Texas flag. 

The current design of the Texas flag could have possibly been inspired by Sarah R. Dodson in 1835, who sewed the first Texas red, white, and blue tri-color flag. Her flag had three equally-sized squares of each color, with blue on the left with a lone star, a white square in the middle, and a red square on the right. 

What Do the Colors of Chile’s Flag Represent?

The red of Chile’s flag represents the blood spilled for independence. Blue represents the sky and Pacific Ocean. White represents the snow-covered Andes, while the star either symbolizes Chile’s independence, its status as a Unitarian Republic, or a guide to progress.

José Ignacio Zenteno, the Chilean Minister of War during their war of Independence with Spain, is credited with creating Las Estrella Solitaria. But exactly who designed it remains a subject for debate. Either Spanish-born soldier Antonio Arcos or Gregorio de Andía y Varela designed Chile’s flag.

Kendall Davis
Author: Kendall Davis

Author: Kendall Davis Company: Lumini Services Kendall currently lives on the shores of Lake Texoma in Texas. She traveled across two-thirds of the U.S. for many years camping at lakes, rivers, and three oceans before motels and hotels if at all possible, and she continuously saw God's presence in nature. Writing for Lakehub allows Kendall to share her experience with God's creations.

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