It’s hard to find anything more fun and exciting than zipping through the trees or over canyons 20 to 100 feet off the ground and at speeds of up to 50 miles and hour. If you haven’t experienced a zipline tour in Texas, you need to schedule a zipline tour now. Here is Texas Outside’s list of the 12 best and most exciting ziplines in Texas.

Zipline and canopy tours are certainly one of the most exciting ways to explore some of Texas’ beautiful camps and resorts. And if exploration is not your top priority, then you will be glad to hear that there are plenty of zipline tours that are part of challenge courses that will certainly put your physical abilities to the test.

Below, we will go over the best zipline and canopy tours and Texas. In addition to mentioning the best zipline in Texas locations, we will also tell you a bit more about the other commodities and exploration options they offer. We hope that our short reviews will help make your next Texas trip a little bit more exciting, and you will find the best zip lining near you. 

Central Texas: The Best Austin Area Zipline Tours

Austin is another metropolitan Texas location that has tons of entertainment in store for visitors and locals. Ziplining is not an exception, and you can choose from several popular spots – such as the Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, which will give you an unforgettable view of Lake Travis. Looking for zip lining near me in Houston might often take you to these Austin locations as well. 

Zip Lost Pines

Zip Lost Pines

Cedar Creek / Bastrop, TX

The last entry on the list is a great zipline ride tour that lasts for three hours and takes you through six dual ziplines and three suspension bridges. If you have ever explored Cedar Creek’s nature, then you know that you will get breathtaking views during the whole trip.

Zip Lost Pines offers a privately guided three hour zipline tour with six dual ziplines and three suspension bridges with spectacular river views. This zip tour is an amazing way to share side-by-side excitement while soaring over shady pine forests and across steep canyons while catching a glimpse of the Mighty Texas Colorado River.

Zip Lost Pines is open year round plus they have Christmas lights, hot chocolate, night zipping and Sunset Zip & Sips all the way through Fall, Winter and early Spring.

The 3 hour guided tour with views includes: six dual ziplines that are 146 feet to 1316 feet long and 70 feet above ground; and three suspension bridges.

Zip Lost Pines Website

Lake Travis Zipline

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Austin, TX

Lake Travis is one of the best vacation spots in Texas, and you will be glad to hear that there are ziplines available there as well. You get to choose between five tracks of various lengths. The zipping trip there could take up to three hours so, needless to say, you will not be lacking entertainment.

In addition to the zipline adventures, you also get access to boat tours, tour guides, and lakeside access to Lake Travis Zipline Adventures’ private property and commodities.

Zip across incredible canyons and Lake Travis inlets on the Longest zip lines in Texas! Enjoy a 3 hour adventure that includes 5 zip lines ranging from 350 feet to over 2800 feet. Between each zip are spectacular views of Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country. Your professionally trained tour guides offer education and fun throughout your hikes and nature walks. Lake Travis Zipline Adventures has one of the most breathtaking and unique experiences right in Austin’s backyard! The tour includes a boat ride to Adventure Island, 2 personal tour guides, all necessary equipment, and all day lakeside access on our private property outfitted with loungers, grills, hammocks and beach games.

Other adventures include Night Flight Full Moon Tours, Sunset Tours, Halloween Fright Flight, as well as accommodations for large groups and corporate events.

The three hour tour includes 5 zipline, access to a private lake with loungers, grills, hammocks, beach games, and swimming.

Lake Travis Zipline Adventure Website

Zip line at Cypress Valley
Texas Sky Bridge

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Spicewood, TX

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours certainly offer some of the most versatile entertainment options. The ziplines are just the cherry on top, as visitors also get access to a beautiful location. To make everything even more entertaining, you can choose to spend the night in a comfy treehouse.

As for the Cypress Valley Canopy Tours ziplines, you will be able to choose between six of them. The zipping route gets up to 40 feet, and the longest track is 350 feet.

Soar through a canopy of old growth Cypress trees some of which are up to 100 years old, then picnic and swim in a private lake, and spend the night in a tree house! Enjoy any one or more of six ziplines and stay overnight in a unique room nestled in the trees with the sounds and sights of the creek at night. Group tours, challenge course, canopy tours, and sunrise birding tours.

In addition to one of the best zip tours in Texas, Cypress Valley has 5 unique treehouses for overnight stays. Nestled high up in some beautiful cypress trees the tree houses will sleep two to six guests and listening to the night noises, watching the fireflies dance, and slumbering peacefully in your treetop haven is included in the price. Read about our stay fun Zip & Stay in one of the treehouses.

Your tour includes three sky bridges and six ziplines up to 350 feet long and 40 feet above ground.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours Website

Natural Bridge Caverns Zipline

Natural Bridge Caverns Zipline

New Braunfels / San Antonio, TX

For a family adventure high above the Texas Hill Country, visit Natural Bridge Caverns and try their zipline, canopy challenge course, or the kid’s canopy challenge.

And while you’re there, why not tour one of the best caverns in Texas. Located between San Antonio and New Braunfels at Natural Bridge Caverns, this zipline and canopy challenge course is one of the newest in Texas.

You can enjoy four ziplines up to 1400 feet long, a canopy challenge adventure course, and a canopy kid’s course.

Natural Bridge Caverns Zipline Website

Wimberley Zipline Adventures

Wimberley Zipline Adventures

Wimberley, TX

Wimberley Zipline Adventures is open all year long. Enjoy high flying fun in any season. Your tour will begin with flight school training so no prior experience is needed. Your adventure will include 10 ziplines ranging from 150 feet to 900 feet long and up to 100 feet off of the ground. Experience a rush as you soar over canyons and creeks with breathtaking 10 mile views of the Texas hill country. Your tour will last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Wimberley Zipline Adventures has 10 separate ziplines (almost 5000 feet of zipline excitement), highly trained guides, and a 1/2 mile walking tour.

Wimberley Zipline Adventures Website

Hawaiian Falls Adventure Park Zip Line

Typhoon Texas Waterpark

Pflugerville, TX

Typhoon Texas Waterpark opened in 2014 and it’s home to a zip tour, ropes challenge course, and a fun water park. The three ziplines range from 15 to 60 feet high and are 500 feet long and they traverse through Typhoon Texas Waterpark and Adventure Park. In addition to the zipline canopy tour you can enjoy several challenge course activities and all of the water park rides.

Read about our fun day at Typhoon Texas Waterpark and here is a link to the Typhoon Texas Adventure Park Challenge Course.

Typhoon Texas Waterpark has 3 ziplines, 18 rope bridges, a climbing wall, a free fall, and a challenge course.

Central Texas: The Best San Antonio Ziplines

While zipline complexes are not available in San Antonio, there are several options that are a short drive from the city. For starters, the Natural Bridge Caverns Zipline is located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, while the Wimberley Zipline Adventures is situated just 60 miles north from the city. These are also among the best zipline Houston locations you can opt to visit. 

Helotes Hill Country Ziplines

Helotes, TX

This is one of the newest adventure parks in the San Antonio area, and it is certainly one of the top choices on this list. The guided tour lasts between 2 and 3 hours, and you will get the opportunity to zipline over 100′ feet above the ground. This zipline course reaches speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, so that is guaranteed to get your adrenaline up while you get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding canyons and scenery.

On your zipline tour at Helotes Hill Country Ziplines you’ll ride 10 zipline that are 10′ to 1000′ long and over 100′ above ground and you’ll hit speeds of up to 35 miles an hour. .

Read about our fun zipline tour with Helotes Hill Country Zipline.

North Texas: The Best Dallas Ziplines

Looking for the best zipline in Texas is very likely to lead you to Dallas. The metropolitan city is probably one of the best places to go ziplining in Texas. The Trinity Forest Adventure Park has over 20 zipline installations available to all visitors, regardless of their skill and experience.

Getting some instructions and rules

Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Dallas, TX

There are tons of entertainment options awaiting you if you decide to visit the Trinity Forest Adventure Park. There are twenty zipline courses there, and they are available seven days a week during the summer months. You will be able to select from different levels of difficulties, and four challenge courses, so you are guaranteed to find fun for the whole family.

This park is a combination canopy tour, challenge course, and zipline adventure with 20 ziplines. The park is open 7 days a week in summer time for amazing family friendly fun. It consists of cargo nets, bridges, climbing features, balance beams and other features that allow a participant to travel from one part of the course to another. There are six courses and four levels of difficulty suited to challenge every type of ability and fitness level.

Read about our fun afternoon at Trinity Forest Adventure Park.

Trinity Forest Adventure Park Website

The Best South Texas & Gulf Coast Ziplines

South Texas hosts some of the most exciting ziplines, which will take you on a ride dozens of feet above the ground. One of the best attractions is the South Padre Island Adventure Park, which enables visitors to use some of the most advanced zipline equipment.

Moody Gardens Zip Line

Moody Gardens Theme Park

Galveston, TX

The Moody Gardens Theme Park is one of the most fun seaside challenges. The zipline course is 60 feet up in the air and goes over the beautiful Palm Beach and its lazy river. While zipping, you will get a beautiful aerial view of the northeastern part of Galveston Island. And if you have little children, they will be able to participate in a course made specifically for children over two and beneath seven years of age.

Snap on your harness and glide 60 feet in the air over the tops of glass pyramids and gardens, getting a bird’s-eye view of the northeast end of Galveston Island. Children 2 through 7 can participate in a child-size course.

Moody Gardens Theme Park Website

South Padre Island Adventures Zip Line

South Padre Island Adventure Park

South Padre Island, TX

South Padre Island Adventure Park is a “Bucket List” location. It’s certainly not famous because of its ziplines. However, the lack of entertainment is not the reason for this – there are simply too many entertainment options there. The zipline tour at South Padre Island Adventure Park is one of the best you can find in Texas. There are a total of ziplines, the longest of which is 500 feet.

The zipline is one of the most modern in the region, and visitors can easily manage the speed they zip at. Furthermore, the zipline breaks are not operated by hand, which is one of the major cons for most ziplines in the region.

Zip-a-thon: South Padre Island Adventure Park offers you the maximum zip-lining experience with large tower structures that accommodate six zip-lines for a fast roundtrip zip-lining experience, without leaving the towers. A unique quick zip-line transition system allows you to be able to zip around the zipline circuit as fast, or, slow as you want to during your session. Zippers can zip four parallel lines at the same time for maximum fun and there is no limit to your number of zips.

No hand-brakes here: The zipline brakes are the newest state-of-the-art which means folks don’t have to hand-brake themselves. there are three 2500 square feet levels for zipping and observation and six parallel ziplines up to 500 feet long.

In addition to ziplines, they offer horseback rides on the beach and have a petting barn and they do beach weddings, bonfires and beach parties.

Read about our fun zip at South Padre Island Adventure Park.

South Padre Island Adventure Park Website

Camp Lantern Creek Zip Line

Camp Lantern Creek

Montgomery, TX

This camp spans over 100 acres of pine trees, and it is the perfect place to choose for your summer vacation. It hosts a ton of activities and courses that focus on developing leadership skills and teaching participants outdoor skills.

The Camp Lantern Creek (CLC) zipline is part of the CLC Challenge Course, and it is certainly the one activity that you do not want to miss out on while there.

Their staff is certified to facilitate a team building retreat that will take your group to an elevated level of communication and fun. When booking your retreat, they will work with you to design a program specific to your group’s particular needs. Challenge yourself to reach new heights!

Camp Lantern Creek is primary a challenge course that includes one 300′ zipline.

West Texas Ziplines

West Texas zipline adventures are also available – especially if you decide to pay a visit to the Quiet Canyon. There, you will find the Lajitas Zip-Line Tours, which are undoubtedly one of the best attractions of this type in the state. 

Lajitas Zip Line

Lajitas Zip-Line Tours

Lajitas, TX

Texas Outside’s Story About A Zipline Tour at Lajitas Golf Resort

Come Fly With Us!

The Lajitas Zip-Line Tours are probably the best zip lining opportunities in Texas. It has four unique tours that you can take advantage of, and they consist of a total of 8 ziplines. The longest zipline is also the highest one – taking you on a ride for nearly 1500 feet. The Lajitas Zip-Line Tours is one of the best zip lines in Texas since it will show you all the beauties and scenery of the Quiet Canyon. 

All zips are located in Quiet Canyon, dominated by the North Lajitas Mesa and its prominent shape that can be seen from miles away. Volcanic activity shaped what we can see today over 30 million years ago, with many different colors and shades whose appearance changes with the differing light conditions. A plethora of amazing rocks and petrified wood cover the surface of the desert, it’s like walking through a gem mine! Common plants found are the Creosote Bush, Ocotillo Cactus, Prickly Pear, Candelilla and Mesquite. Red tailed hawks often can be seen soaring overhead and jackal (road runner) and dove are commonly seen on the canyon floor. Aoudad sheep regularly make an appearance high on the canyon ridges and occasionally, mountain lion tracks can be found. Javelina are frequently spotted early morning and evening making their way through dry creek beds. Zipping Lajitas is much more than a ride down cable lines, it is a magical experience shaped by nature and the great outdoors. Riders reach speeds up to 50 mph and the zipline includes the latest technology and gear plus an automatic breaking system. We had a fun zipline tour at Lajitas – read all about it.

At Lajitas Zipline tours there are 4 different tours that include 8 ziplines. The highest and longest tour takes you on a thrilling 1478 feet ride.

Check out Texas Outside’s review of Lajitas Golf Resort and view the zipline video.

Lajitas Zip Line Website

Get outside and experience the thrill of a zip line in Texas! Use this map to Find A Zipline Near You.

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