If you pick Lake Lewisville check out this review of Lewisville Lake for this wet and wild weekend and if you want to make this a weekend trip, then book a hotel in The Colony or Lewisville – here are some choices for Lewisville. Or If you like camping, call Hickory Creek Campground which is a Corps of Engineers park with some great sites on the water. Read our review of Hickory Creek to learn more about this campground. You could make this a day trip, but you’ll have more fun if you turn it into a weekend.

Aerial View of Sneaky Petes

If you arrive on Friday night and you’re staying in Lewisville, head over to Sneaky Pete’s for a fun evening. The food’s not bad and the atmosphere is outstanding. Sneaky Pete’s is on the water within one of the marinas and has a fantastic view of the lake. There are plenty of slips for parking your boat. You’ll find a great outdoor patio, with a swimming pool, a gazebo bar, and two inside bars plus a dance floor as well as an inside restaurant. Round up your own team or join a group and play some volleyball (on one of four sand courts), relax around the pool with a cold drink and appetizers, and listen to some live music on the patio. There is usually a live band on Friday and Saturday nights and most weekends the crowd is fun and lively.

If you’re staying in The Colony, then mosey on over to The Dingy Bar & Grill at Pier 121 for food, music, and a good time. Charlie’s is a funky, laid back, floating bar and restaurant at the Pier 121 marina. The food is burgers and sandwiches but it’s tasty. The crowd is mostly boaters getting ready for a weekend or just coming off the water, and the music is usually lively (Jimmy Buffet, rock and roll, or a good mixture) and the crowd is friendly and fun.

Typically, we will spend time in the pool and have drinks and appetizers at Sneaky Pete’s then boat on over to Charlie’s for music on the patio.

Here are the choices (make sure you do them all) for the rest of the weekend:

Ski boat rental from Just for Fun

Go Boating

Rent a jet ski, party barge, or ski boat from Just For Fun (at Pier 121) or Flying & Floating Toys and enjoy the lake for fishing, skiing/boarding, cruising, or partying. There are a couple different party coves where boats raft up and spend the day socializing (ok – they’re partying, drinking, swimming, tossing footballs or water balloons, etc.) – a great way to get to know some new fun people.

Chamonix catamaran

Go Sailing

Go for a sail on a beautiful 70 foot catamaran. Big D Cats is designed for water adventures and the skipper and crew are committed to make sure you have an enjoyable, fun, and memorable trip. They offer day cruises, (including a swimming stop at the party cove), dinner and theme cruises, and moonlight cruises. You and your friends can charter the boat for your own sailing party or better yet, why not get married on the boat!

Rent a ski tube

Ride The Wake

If you have a boat then try something new – try a flying tube, banana, wakeboard, kneeboard, or water ski – if you don’t have one, no excuses, most of the Lewisville Lake boat rental locations will rent you one. You might also consider buying a used boat on Lake Lewisville if you don’t already have one. It is possible to buy a boat at auction for a fraction of its retail price, as long as you know where to look. Many boat owners donate their vessels to charity when they no longer use them. The charity then auctions off these boats and uses the proceeds where they are needed most. This is an excellent way to get your hands on the boat that you have always wanted, while supporting a worthwhile cause at the same time.

Powered Parachute Ride for Flying & Floating Toys

Fly Behind A Boat

For the brave and adventurous, you need to call Flying & Floating Toys and sign up for a powered parachute or a parasail ride. This is the most thrilling and exciting way to see the lake and it’ll be a ride you’ll remember for a long time.

Stewart Peninsula Golf Course

Hit The Links

If you have your own boat: enjoy the lake, head to the party cove if you’re looking for a good time, hit the restaurants, and have Flying & Floating Toys meet you for a parasail or parachute ride. We also like to boat over to Stewart Peninsula Golf Course and play 18 holes of golf, then jump back in the boat, take a swim and cool off, then head over to Sneaky Pete’s or Charlie’s.

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