Have you ever considered a Texas houseboat vacation as a way to experience the best of what the state has to offer? Texas is known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and unique outdoor activities. With over 5,000 miles of shoreline and numerous lakes, Texas is a paradise for a vacation on the water.

Imagine waking up to breathtaking views of sunrises over the lake, fishing for your next meal, and enjoying the serene beauty of nature all around you. In this article, we’ll explore the top houseboating destinations in Texas, why it’s a great vacation option, and what you can expect on a houseboat adventure. Get ready for an unforgettable experience on the water!

Houseboat on Lake Powell

This article about Texas Houseboat rentals will give you some ideas and information on renting a houseboat. Texas has some huge and very pretty lakes that are excellent for spending a weekend or couple weeks exploring on a houseboat. So plan your next vacation on a rental houseboat.

What To Expect

You haven’t lived until you’ve spent an enjoyable vacation in a cove on a houseboat with friends and family on a beautiful lake. From down-to-earth economy houseboat models to the decadent splendor of luxury houseboats that are over 60 feet, you can find a houseboat that fits your budget (and up to 14 of your closest friends and family). You’ll also find that Texas houseboating will be one of your best and most affordable vacations. We have taken our family and friends on over 10 week-long houseboat trips on six different lakes. Every one of them has been a memorable experience for everyone involved – read about our most recent houseboat trip on Lake Powell. Book a boat now – life is short!

The following is a list of some of the best lakes for houseboating and where you can rent houseboats in Texas.

Texas Houseboat Rentals

Lake Travis, just a few miles from downtown Austin, is one of the best houseboating lakes in Texas. You’ll find 300 miles of shoreline with scenic coves and secluded hideaways. Lake Travis has lots of good restaurants on the water some of which have live music, beautiful homes, water parks, and lots more to see and do. There are well protected coves and nice beaches for parking the houseboat and spending a day enjoying the water, nature, and friends. Read Texas Outside’s review of Lake Travis to learn more.

Lake Travis

Harborside Houseboat Rental

Full service houseboat rental which includes shuttle services (9am-7pm), catering service, music (live/DJ), maid service, cruising (9am-7pm), wakeboard lessons, and towing services. Harborside Houseboat Rentals is a family owned that has been in business for over 35 years with 15 years on Lake Travis.

Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad Marina Houseboat Rentals

We understand that Houseboats are no longer available for rent on Lake Amistad – darn the bad luck!

Read about Texas Outside’s Houseboat Trip on Lake Amistad.

Other Great Houseboating Lakes Include:

  • Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma – Eufaula is about 170 miles north of Dallas on highway 75. Lake Eufaula has over 600 miles of shoreline, lots of coves for day use or spending night, rolling hills and some scenic cliffs, and plenty of sandy beaches for day use or spending the night. Gateway Cruises 412 Lakeshore Dr. Eufaula, OK 74432 918-689-2200 rents houseboats.
  • Lake Ouachita, Arkansas – Lake Ouachita is a Texas Outside favorite (even though it is in Arkansas). Ouachita is 40 miles long with 970 miles of shoreline and 40,100 acres of scenic beauty, very clear waters, and over 100 uninhabited islands that are excellent for spending the night on your houseboat.
  • Lake DeGray, Arkansas –“ DeGray is another very pristine beautiful lake in Arkansas and great for houseboat vacations. You can rent houseboats at Lake DeGray Resort State Park or Anchors Away
  • Lake Powell, Utah – This is the ultimate houseboat lake. It is 187 miles long with 96 major side canyons and a coastline of approximately 1960 miles. The scenery is breathtaking and almost indescribable. There are towering rock formations rising majestically straight up out of the crystal clear water. There is one minor problem – it’s a long drive from Texas! It’s not easy to get to Lake Powell, but once you are there, you won’t want to leave and you’ll never forget the experience!
  • Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona – While recent drought has devastated this lake, when it’s full it is an amazing lake for houseboats. Less than 1 hour from Las Vegas, this desert lake has an endless number of coves. Cool, clear blue water is fantastic for boating, swimming and snorkeling. You can see 25-30 feet to the bottom!
  • Shasta Lake, California – Located in beautiful northern California, Lake Shasta is perfect for a houseboating vacation. There are over 365 miles of steep mountainous shoreline that’s covered with tall trees. You can choose from a variety of boats that sleep from 8 up to 22. You can even renta 65′ houseboat with 6 staterooms.

Read about our most recent houseboating trip on Lake Powell

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