Looking for some unique outdoor lodging for a glamping trip – try these safari and luxury tents, tipis, or eco domes. Organized glamping trips feature all of the exposure to the great outdoors as traditional camping trips, without the bugs, wild animals, sudden storms, leaking tents, smelly sleeping bags, and questionable food but with amenities such as tents that are rigged for electrical power, which means occupants can operate appliances, reading lamps, and climate controls. People may sleep on full-size air mattresses, or even regular spring mattresses. The tents or tipis are like stand-alone rooms with canvas walls and ceilings, hardwood floors and made-up beds with heated mattress pads.
Mike Sharp
Author: Mike Sharp

I have a passion for travel and outdoor activities, and now I'm enjoying retired life. I will continue my traveling, golfing, boating, and enjoying life all across the great state of Texas.

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