Lake Tawakoni is a 37,800 acre lake that is home to some big fish and several Lake Tawakoni fishing guides who know where the fish are waiting for you. Lake Tawakoni is one of the best all around fishing lakes in the state of Texas. With its huge forage fish population, the gamefish such as Stripers, Hybrids, and Sandbass thrive in its waters.

If you want to go fishing on Lake Tawakoni and catch enough fish for a great fish dinner or maybe a trophy fish, then call one of these Lake Tawakoni fishing guides and book a fishing trip. Before you head out to Lake Tawakoni with one of these fishing guides, read Texas Outside’s Review of Lake Tawakoni.

Messin’ With the Fish Guide Service

Messin With  The Fishing Fishing Guide Service Lake Tawakoni

Messin’ With the Fish Guide Service on Lake Tawakoni offers fishing trips for all ages and all of the bait, gear,and tackle are included in your trip. We can take you fishing for birthdays, fathers day, mothers day or just a well needed day on the lake. Give us a call and let’s go Messin’ with the Fish.

Joe Read’s Guide Service

Joe Read's Fishing Guide Service Catch

Joe Read’s business is to “put you on fish” and he’s been doing just that as a professional Lake Tawakoni fishing guide since 1988! And he’s been fishing Lake Tawakoni since he was 7 when the dam was just finished.Joe Read’s Guide Service specializes in use of artificial baits for Hybrids, Stripers, and Sandbass. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced fisherman, he can make sure you catch fish and have a fantastic time.

Captain Gray’s Harbor

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