If you like Luckenback, Texas country music with Thomas Michael Riley, camping, fun music fans, and cold beer then you need to add Thomas Michael Riley’s 16th annual music festival to next year’s event calendar.   Here are some of the reasons why we love this festival.  

Legendary Luckenback, Texas

If you’ve never been to Luckenback, you’re in for a unique treat.  Luckenback, with a population of 3, was first established as a trading post with a general store and saloon that opened in 1849.  Today Luckenbach maintains a ghost-town feel with its small population and strong western aesthetic and is best known for it’s dance hall made famous by several of Willie Nelson’s  Fourth of July Picnics, Waylon Jennings hit song “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)”  which turned the ghost town from a Texas hideaway into a country music bucket list stop, and it’s motto of “Everybody is Somebody in Luckenback.” 

One of its two main buildings houses the remnants of a post office, a working saloon, and a general store. The other is the dance hall where the likes Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker, Gary P Nunn, Guy Clark, and lots more have played.  You’ll always find live music at Luckenback from concerts to picking circles.  Thomas Michael Riley has held his annual music festival for the last 15 years.  

About Thomas Michael Riley

Thomas Michael Riley (best known as TMR) is a  Texas Music Award Winner, CMAA Winner, Texas Music Chart Hit Song Writer, and a very entertaining performer.

On Friday the music started at noon and included: 

  • Dave Thomas, Travis Smith and Doug Rose
  • Davin James
  • Black Top Gypsy
  • Kendall Shaffer
  • Thomas Michael Riley
  • Max Stalling

Saturday was another full day of music with:

  • Dave Thomas, Travis Smith and Brett Watts
  • Nathan Colt Young
  • Forlini & Cross
  • Dallas Moore
  • Jamie Richards
  • Thomas Michael Riley

The Fans

A large part of what makes this festival one of our favorites are the fans of TMR and their love of Texas country music.  The music fans that attend this festival are lively, outgoing, friendly, and here for some good music and good times. One of th artists, Travis Smith, told me that “he loves playing TMR’s festival because the fans are very attentive, fun, and supportive of each artists music.”

The fansThey are older and more mature than other festivals we’ve attended and they love TMR! There is lots of dancing, singing, laughing, feet stomping, and hugs and kisses. It’s hard not to get to know someone new at each of the TMR festivals and it’s great re-acquainting with someone you met at one of the previous festivals.  It’s similar to a big reunion.  Click on this link to see more of TMR’s music festival fans.

TMR Sponsor Party

This year the music started on Thursday night at the historic 1881 Cave Creek School House as a special treat for the sponsor’s of the TMR (Thomas Michael Riley) music festival. TMR was an English teacher before finding his true love and Cave Creek School House is a cool setting for the Sponsor Party. Before the music starts sponsors get to enjoy chicken and all the fixens from the nearby Chicken Express and cold keg Lobo beer from the local Pedernales Brewing Company or BYOB. After some socializing, cold beer, and chicken the music started with Thomas Michael Riley, Tommy Alverson, and Tom McElvain. made for a fun evening.

Mike Sharp
Author: Mike Sharp

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