It’s your wedding day and you’d like to get married at a Texas wedding venue that offers lodging. What do you do? Check out this list of Texas wedding venues with lodging.

Here is Texas Outside’s list of the best Texas wedding and event facilities with lodging on site. You and your guests stay overnight on the wedding venue property so your wedding day will become a very special wedding weekend! If you are planning that special day and on site lodging is important, this list will make your planning much easier because all of these wedding venues offer overnight lodging.

Before you check out the wedding hotspots we recommend, we feel compelled to share a few other resources showcasing some of the best places to host a wedding in Texas.

Now, without further ado, here’s our list of Texas wedding venues by region, many of which offer on-site lodging.

Austin, Texas Wedding Venues With Lodging

From Angel Springs to House On the Hill, you’ll find great wedding venues in Austin that also offer lodging.

Angel Springs Austin

Texas Hill Country Event Venues With Lodging

Central Texas has a lot of wedding facilities with lodging. You’ll love Camp Lucy and other Texas Hill Country wedding hotspots with lodging.

Camp Lucy

North Texas, Dallas, Ft Worth Event Venues With Lodging

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has no shortage of wedding venues, and if you’re looking for one with lodging, there’s several good options to choose from.

Sanders Hitch

South East Texas, Houston Event Venues With Lodging

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Houston or the South East Texas region that also offers lodging, we recommend you try Blisswood in Cat Springs.


San Antonio and South Texas Event Venues With Lodging

San Antonio and the entire South Texas region has some great places to have a wedding that come with excellent lodging options. We recommend you try La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio.

la cantera

West Texas Event Venues With Lodging

There are great Texas wedding venues all across the state. In West Texas, you should try Lajitas in Big Bend, especially if you like to golf, zip line, or enjoy stunning romantic views. Their wedding chapel is simply gorgeous, and it’s also a historic landmark.

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