Now that spring is about to spring, surfers and wakerboarders will head to the Gulf or the nearest beach to pick up their favorite water sport: wakeboarding. You’ll want to read this post for all the best resources on this water sport.

In Texas, wakeboarding is very popular. Here is our list of where you can get wakeboard lessons, ride wakeboards at a Texas wakeboard park, and other wakeboard resources.

What could be more fun than riding a small surfboard while performing stunts behind a boat or along a cable? Well, that is what wakeboarding is all about. Texas has a lot of lakes to choose from to perfect your wakeboarding skills. If you’re a beginner, take advantage of the camps or lessons available to you to learn how to wakeboard.

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Wakeboard Lessons in Texas

Texas Wake Academy

Texas Wake Academy offers lessons to wakeboarders of all ages. They provide all the equipment and offer private lessons. Lessons take place at several Texas lakes including Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls, and Lake Travis.


If you find yourself in the Lake Travis area, LakeLessons provides private wakeboarding lessons on the lake. They work with beginners and experienced wakeboarders, which means if you already know how to wakeboard, you can learn new tricks and tips from their pros.

Wakeboarding Information

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How to Wakeboard – The ultimate guide on how to wakeboard.

BuyWake – Wakeboards, wakeskates, wakesurfers, and wakeboard accessories.

Wake Brothers – A reality show featuring pro wakeboarding brothers in competition.

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