For a new and exciting adventure, try renting a paddleboard or SUP and exploring a Texas lake or river. SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) or SUP Surfing is a surface water sport where a paddle is used while standing up on a surfboard. Stand Up Paddleboarding differs from surfing mainly because you do not need a wave to propel yourself. Stand Up Paddle Surfing has its roots on waves but has made the transition to many other bodies of water. You can Stand Up Paddleboard on the open ocean, in harbors, on lakes and rivers, or any large body of water. So what are you waiting for, go rent a SUP or stand up paddle board.
Mike Sharp
Author: Mike Sharp

I have a passion for travel and outdoor activities, and now I'm enjoying retired life. I will continue my traveling, golfing, boating, and enjoying life all across the great state of Texas.

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