At Texas shooting ranges, you can practice and improve your shooting skills prior to going hunting. On top of that, a lot of gun ranges also give lessons and instructions.

There is bound to be a gun range near you. Here is a list of some of the best shooting ranges in Texas.

Fort Worth, Texas Shooting Range: Alpine Shooting Range

Alpine Shooting Range is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They have handgun ranges as well as rifle ranges. Plus, they even have guns you can rent.

With several options of ranges available (100, 50, and 30 yards for centerfire rifles), you’ll find something that suits your skills and preferences. 50- and 30-yard ranges are also available for your rimfire rifles. Some shotgun shooting is allowed on the 30-yard range.

Alpine Shooting Range

Laredo, Texas Shooting Range: Arena Gun Club

This venue is a safe, comfortable shooting range for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. You’ll find an indoor range, firearms retail store, a gunsmith, custom firearms manufacturing facility, and even a restaurant.

The indoor range features 14 climate-controlled shooting lanes, a fully stocked ammunition retail store, a firearms rental counter, and a comfortable waiting area complete with soft drinks and snacks.

Arena Gun Club

Dallas, Texas Shooting Range: DFW Gun Range and Academy

Shoot in comfort year round at the DFW Gun Range and Academy. Bring your guns or rent theirs.

The DFW Gun Range and Academy staff consists of competition shooters and NRA-certified instructors. The facility also includes ammunition, eye/ear protection, and private instruction.

This range was listed as “The Best Place To Have A Bachelorette Party in Dallas” in the 2012 Dallas Observer‘s “Best of Dallas” issue.

If you live in Dallas, why not schedule a firearms class?

DFW Gun Range

Lewisville, Texas Shooting Range: Eagle Gun Range

This is a family-friendly pistol and rifle range located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They are the premier indoor shooting facility with a $20.00 all-day lane rental and a filtered 72-degree (year-round) shooting environment.

Ask about their LTC program, or one of their special events.

Eagle Gun Range

Houston, Texas Shooting Range: Full Armor Gun Range

Welcome to Full Armor Gun Range. Their goal is to provide a lasting positive experience to each and every customer that walks through their doors.

This top-notch shooting range features 100 percent fresh air that is pumped into the building every second. All stale air is constantly filtered out of the gun range to provide a breathable indoor gun range experience and 100 percent visibility at all times. Their gun range allows as many firearms as you can carry, and they even have premium guns available for rent.

Full Range Gun Range

San Antonio, Texas Shooting Range: Nardis Gun Club

Nardis Gun Club makes you feel welcome in their comfortable lounge area. They currently offer a wide range of training options, including “License to Carry” classes as was once required by the state of Texas. Even though Texas no longer requires license-to-carry classes, it’s a good idea to take one anyway.

Nardis Gun Club also offers an Introductory Handgun, Intermediate Handgun, and Advanced Handgun classes, several AR specific classes, and more.

Nardis Gun Club

Conroe, Texas Shooting Range: Saddle River Range

This 24-lane indoor shooting range is perfect for any shooter from beginner to pro. They offer a safe, comfortable, professional environment. The range is fully stocked with ammunition, hearing and eye protection, and everything else you need. They also offer Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfers through the retail store as well as cleaning supplies and a full-service gunsmith.

Saddle River Range

Cedar Park, Texas Shooting Range: Shady Oaks Gun Range

This is a family-friendly facility with certified, knowledgeable staff that offer the best indoor shooting range in the greater Austin area. They cater to all gun owners and want to be your resource for group classes and private lessons.

They also offer an LTC Class Online. Take the Shady Oaks License-To-Carry Class and then schedule a lesson with one of the LTC instructors to complete your Range Instruction and Proficiency Demonstration. They also have an updated list of Firearm Rentals for pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

Shady Oaks Gun Range

Houston, Texas Shooting Range: Top Gun Range

This 15-lane shooting range is designed for your comfort and safety. It includes an air-filtration system, plus each lane is equipped with a motorized target system with sound dampening technology to reduce noise levels.

Designed for target practice and a License-to-Carry-a-Handgun qualification, the lanes are 50-feet long. The advanced training classes use the range to simulate real-life shooter situations anyone could face in our world today.

Top Gun Range

If you’re looking for shooting ranges in Texas, these are some of the best the state has to offer, from Dallas to Houston.

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