Ever imagined drifting through the air, high above the scenic natural beauty along with your friends and loved ones? Yes, just one hot air balloon ride is enough to provide a fun experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

My family bought a hot air balloon ride for my grandparents’ anniversary when I was a kid, and it was one of those memories that just sticks out: the bright colors, the huge flame firing it up, watching it fill with air, and then chasing them in a car on farm roads trying to keep up.

Where in Texas can you ride in a hot air balloon?

In Texas, a lot of professional and certified companies offer hot air balloon rides to fun loving folks from all over the place. They come together to feel the amusement and joy that one can enjoy only in these colorful balloons floating in the sky. Explore the following areas to start the journey to hot air balloon fun!

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Austin

Austin Aeronauts Hot Air Balloons, the topmost choice of balloon riders, provides exciting and thrilling balloon trips in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, or San Antonio, TX. It has been around since 1983 and has flown over 10,000 hot air balloon rides. 

With Austin Aeronauts’ FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified pilots, you can not only enjoy a unique open-air expedition but can learn from hot air balloon pilot lessons too.  

Austin Aeronauts specializes in scenic air tours and adventure balloon flights. Along with hot balloon rides, they also offers catering special events, pleasure rides, and promotions too for those who want to add fun and activity to their personal or professional ventures. 

From balloon riding to special event creation and from friend and family fun to mastering the skill yourself, you can imagine anything possible with hot air balloon rides in Austin. 

Austin Aeronauts
Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Houston

Houston hot air balloon rides are also available round the year by certified aviation companies offering a fleet of hot air balloons to entertain the adventure lovers flocking towards Houston throughout the year. 

Air Texas Balloon Adventures, is one of such companies with an impressive record of providing professional and secure hot air balloon rides in all seasons. They can also plan an adventure flight to other attractions of Texas including the Big Bend area, Palo Duro Canyon, and the Hill Country.  

Gulf Coast sunrises are an unbeatable experience for hot air balloonists who get to witness the beauty from above, an adventure that unfolds slowly yet majestically. If you plan to have a hot air balloon ride in Houston, don’t miss out on the magic that happens at dawn.

The morning scene at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Out Of State Hot Air Balloon Rides

Are you planning for out-of-state hot air balloon rides? If yes, then International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico the world’s largest hot-air balloon festival is waiting for you to join. This great air adventure is held in October for nine days in Balloon Fiesta Park with more than 500 hot air balloons soaring high & high to paint the whole sky creating a dream-like state for fun lovers.  

I had the pleasure of experience this fascinating event about 5 years ago, and I was completely taken aback by the spectacle of color and sound. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it is quite something. We went two days, the first was in the evening and then we went the next morning. The evening was fun, with live music and a great atmosphere, but the morning session is when the magic happens. You get there in the dark, and on command everyone fires up and starts warming up the balloons. As spectators, you are standing on the field just surrounded by literally hundreds of balloon teams working on unpacking and gearing up, and they start rising into the air above the field. By mid morning, colorful balloons cover the sky in every direction.

I really recommend attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with your friends, family, or special ones to witness the moving picture show of hot air balloons rising above the surroundings. 

There is a lot to see in and around Albuquerque, as well. Activities you can enjoy in the afternoon can include shopping in the old historic city, riding a tram up to a scenic peak, enjoying the green chili roasting season, attending a local event, or even taking a guided tour to scenic spots around that are awaiting nature lovers year-round.

Simon Trask
Author: Simon Trask

Simon loves Texas and the Great Outdoors. From East Texas pines to West Texas mountains, he calls North Texas home but is always ready to float a river in Hill Country or go fishing on the Gulf Coast. Simon loves camping and road trips as well, whether it's cruising Highway 287, 82, 69 or 281, that's the true way to see what Texas is all about!

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