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  • Simon Trask


Aggieland Wild Animal Safari

A drive-thru safari with spectaculat views and have a meet and greet with the giraffes and kangaroos.

Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo

Offers interactive displays, snakes galore, primates, rare breeds, and a petting zoo located at the roadside.

Austin Wildlife Rescue

It is a place for rehabilitation, sick wildlife, and an orphan for all animals and offers educational programs and accepting volunteers.

Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge

Provides a home to a variety of native Texas wildlife and safeguarding the nesting grounds of the endangered black-capped vireo and golden-cheeked warbler.

Bayou Wildlife Park

A 80 acres with a barnyard and a big red barn where you’ll meet giraffes, and able to experience deer, antelopes, buffalos, camels, zebra rides.

Buck Wild Animal Rescue and Wildlife Rehab

Home for hundreds of surrendered, orphaned, sick, and injured animals and provides a safe home for rescued animals.

Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and RV Park

Features an African Safari with over 23 species of animals stored here and it has a campsite.

Busy B Ranch Wildlife Park, LLC

A drive-thru zoo and safari that features 50 species of native exotic animals and may enjoy feeding the animals.

Center For Animal Research and Education

Gives permanent home and care for more than 60 animals including mountain lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, ring-tail lemurs, serval, lynx, lions, llamas, and a tortoise.

Cherokee Trace

A home of wildlife with more than two dozen of exotic animals and endangered species and you may see and feed them through your cars.

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