My family and I are outdoor enthusiasts, but when it is 100 degrees in the shade, it’s time to start looking for some indoor activities. That’s how we discovered PINSTACK.


PINSTACK in Frisco

PINSTACK is a 50,000-square-foot entertainment complex loaded with fun things do, plus two full-service bars and a new American Bistro. As soon as we arrived at the impressive structure, with its great outdoor patio, got a glimpse inside and warmly greeted by the friendly staff, we knew we were in for a good time. The grandkids were excited and jumped for joy before we even entered the building.

It looked like it was going to be hard decision on what to do first, but the decision was quickly and easily made when I found out we could enjoy some drinks and appetizers in the private VIP bowling section. How special is that?

PINSTACK has 28 state-of-the-art bowling lanes in a modern and attractive setting with lots of big screen TVs, an easy-to-use scoring system, and a lane-side bar and food service. Quite a change from the last time I was at a bowling alley. It was so smelly, noisy, and full of smoke that I could barely see the pins!

Although I lost to the kids (is it fair for them to use gutter bumpers?) and my daughter, we had a lot of fun. For the next week, I paid the penalty with a sore back and sore arm.

bowling at PINSTACK
pinstack bowling
PINSTACK bowling


The VIP bowling section of the PINSTACK bowling alley is in its own space and separated from the rest of the lanes. So, it’s quiet and special! Home to about 10 lanes, it has a dedicated wait staff who are very attentive and kept us well stocked with drinks. That could be another reason I lost to the grandkids.

The VIP area also has a meeting room with audio/visual equipment, and it’s perfect for a special occasion, corporate event, or birthday.

appetizers at PINSTACK

While we were bowling, a small corporate event bowled a few lanes over. I just happened to notice their appetizer platter and we had to have one. Wow! Was it good. Wings, potato skins, cheese sticks, chips and salsa, and unbelievable macaroni pops – breaded macaroni on a skewer! Additionally, there were several other appetizers such as pizza, burgers, short ribs, mahi mahi, salads, and flatbread’s, Of course, there were lots more that you can order off of the restaurant’s menu and enjoy as you roll a strike.

Suddenly, my back was sore, my belly was full, and I had a couple of drinks. But the grandkids were pumped and ready to go enjoy the attractions.

With my drink in my hand, they drug me off to ride the bumper cars, which was really not much fun with a bad back and a belly full of food and drink! But it only took 30 seconds and I was all over the arena, ramming the grandkids as fast as possible. My wife kept yelling, “Bully!” But that didn’t stop me. What did stop me cold was when the grandkids each rammed me at same time from my blind side!

Talk about bullies.

bumper cars at PINSTACK

Laser Tag at PINSTACK

ready for laser tag

They ran, I limped, to the two-level laser tag where I figured I could take them down (after all, I’m a trained Army infantry soldier that served in Vietnam!). but it turns out that I’m not as quick and agile as I used to be and the grandkids are fast. As soon as I spotted them and got ready to fire, they were gone. They would suddenly pop up somewhere else and I’d feel a ping in the chest as they shot me. One would tempt me to chase them while the other one waited for me to pass by. Then they’d both zap me.

I tried to recruit my wife and daughter to my team, but they would have nothing to do with me. Another win for the grandkids. I think they’ve played this game before.

Wall Climbing at PINSTACK

By the time we got to the climbing wall, I was ready for another drink. when I saw my granddaughter scurry up the wall and ring the bell and rappel quickly down the wall, I decided to concede that event. I politely made a lame excuse about needing to take some pictures, go to the bathroom, and wait for my drink.

Those kids were like spiders climbing a wall. Shouldn’t they be tired and ready for bed by now? Not even close, so we moved on to the next adventure.

PINSTACK climbing wall
PINSTACK climbing wall
PINSTACK climbing wall

The Lazer Mase and Ropes Course

laser maze

In Laser Maze, you must navigate through an intricate web of laser beams and complete a variety of objectives without breaking the beam. Haze, mirrors, and a variety of beams make this a little complex. You must be agile to get over or under the beams. The grandkids know that I’m not that flexible. In fact, I was a little stiff after bowling, bumper cars, and laser tag. So, they didn’t bother asking me to compete. Thank God!

Next up, the Ropes Course. It has several challenge course elements (cargo net, swinging unstable bridges, single-lane rope bridge, and more) suspended 20 feet above the arcade! It’s a real test of your agility, focus, risk tolerance, courage, and balance.

With no hesitation, the grandkids stepped into a harness, hooked it into a safety catch, climbed up a rope ladder, and spent the next 40 minutes or so scampering quickly through each element several times. I told them they didn’t have a harness big enough for me and that I was over the weight limit, but they knew I was really afraid of heights! Instead, I stood on the arcade floor yelling challenges up to them (go faster, try no hands, etc.) and sipping a cold beer!

PINSTACK ropes course
PINSTACK ropes course
PINSTACK ropes course

All Good Things Come to an End

Now they’ve got to be pooped and I’m fresh and ready to show them my skills and expertise as a pinball wizard in the arcade. PINSTACK is home to more than 100 of the newest video games and simulator technology. There is everything from PacMan to Pinball, arcade classics like Skeeball and air hockey, and new ones like Batman and Transformers, shooting guns to shooting hoops, racing cars, motorcycles, and fellow skiers. I was in heaven when we moved from machine to machine. I quickly found out that the grandkids are also pinball wizards!


After all of that, I was ready to plop my butt in a restaurant booth and enjoy some pizza and cold beer. The Bistro has a variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers, entrees, and more. Plus, a great bar! The service was excellent.

our waiter at PINSTACK
pizza at PINSTACK
restaurant at PINSTACK

After we got home, I was in bed within minutes and the grandkids were still ready to go. We had a good time at PINSTACK and can’t wait to go back again. What a great place for some family fun, a party, corporate event, or reunion!

New PINSTACKs are opening in Allen and Las Colinas.

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