Fishing in Texas

fishing in texasLet’s go fishing in Texas. Texas has some of the best fishing in the United States with over 80,000 miles of rivers and streams, Texas ranks second only to Alaska in the volume of its inland water (more than 5,175 square miles), has over 100 major lakes, plus over 400 miles of coastal shoreline and bays – all of which are full of fish just waiting for you to set the hook.

Remember the good times fishing with parents and relatives and sharing fishing stories – keep those memories alive with your kids by taking advantage of fishing in Texas State Parks without the need for a fishing license or stamp. Over 70 State Parks are waiving fishing license requirements for families and some parks also provide loaner equipment and bait. No excuses now!

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Texas Fishing Camps, Cabins, Lodges, and Resorts

Falcon Point Lodge
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Texas Fishing Guides

Texas has over 400 miles of great saltwater fishing and the guides on the following pages can help you catch a new trophy or a great dinner
fishing in texas
Lake & River Fishing Guides
If you’re interested in lake fishing and catching a big one, you’re not going to do that from the shore, so call one of the guides on this page and spend on the lake

Texas Fishing Information & Resources

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Fishing and boating information and facts
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Texas lake finder by region
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This page is dedicated to the Texas saltwater sportsman
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