Texas Eco Domes Redefine Travel

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In the heart of the Lone Star State, a travel revolution is quietly unfolding. Here, the quintessential image of Texas – wide-brimmed hats, longhorns, and oil rigs – is getting a green makeover. Enter the eco dome, a symbol of sustainable living and an increasingly popular choice for travelers seeking an environmentally friendly way to…

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Things To Do In Glen Rose, Texas

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Glen Rose is a fun and quaint town that was established as a trading post in 1849. The city is located at a picturesque spot on the Paluxy River, just above its meeting with the Brazos River. We love Glen Rose and have spent a number of weekends there. Here is our list of favorite…

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Museums In Longview, Texas

Posted Categories East Texas, Texas

Next time you're visiting Longview on a vacation, just passing through, or staying for a weekend, you should visit some of these Longview Museums. East Texas Oil Museum - Kilgore We have visited the East Texas Oil Museum and thought that is was very well done, interesting, and informative. Through a variety of different medium…

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Texas Untamed: A Hunter’s Guide to Public Lands

Posted Categories Hunting

Texas unfolds as a tapestry of diverse landscapes, from sprawling prairies and lush forests to desolate deserts and intricate coastlines. This rich geographical quilt embodies a deep-rooted tradition: hunting. For centuries, both native peoples and settlers have participated in hunting across this vast terrain. Today, Texas hunting remains a popular activity, underscoring not just tradition…

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Texas Showdown In The 2023 ALCS

Posted Categories Dallas, Houston, Texas

Every single pitch matters! The Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros ended their regular seasons with matching 90-72 records. The Astros whipped the Rangers nine out of 13 games in the 2023 regular season. Now, they will duel again for a chance at becoming World Series champions. The AL West Division 2023 series of Astros…

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12 of the Best Texas Pumpkin Patches

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As autumn leaves start to fall and the air turns crisp, nothing quite catches the spirit of the fall season like a visit to a pumpkin patch. Texas, with its sprawling landscapes and charming rural areas, is home to an array of picturesque pumpkin patches that offer more than just picking the perfect pumpkin. From…

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Things To Do In Marble Falls

Posted Categories Central Texas, Texas

Tucked away in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Marble Falls is an undiscovered treasure brimming with myriad engaging attractions. Its stunning natural vistas, quaint local boutiques, and thrilling outdoor escapades promise a rich tapestry of experiences that captivate visitors of all ages. Be you an outdoor enthusiast ready to conquer the picturesque trails,…

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