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  • Simon Trask


Frank Buck Zoo

A small zoo that you will enjoy Giraffe encounter, flamingio feeding, petting zoo, goat feeding, and a fun environment.

Amarillo Zoo

Discover over 120 animals that represent more than 70 species and enjoy seeing exotic animals like tigers and native species like bison.

Ellen Trout Zoo

A 15 acre zoo of a natural world of animals that showcases animals like Hippos, Giraffes, Rhinoceros, and other species.

Bayou Wildlife Zoo

There are over 500 animals of 60 different types, a petting zoo, and pony rides that are offered in this zoo.

Texas Reptile Zoo

It has 200 reptiles including species from the tropics and the desert like Spiny Tail Iguana, Rhinoceros, lizards, and more.

Gentle Zoo

Over 90 animals are sheltered here with proper care and enjoy petting and feeding the animals.

Once In A Wild Zoo

Offers a distinctive mobile zoo that specializes in live animal programming and up-close encounters with a variety of unusual creatures ideal for educational settings, social...

Austin Zoo

The zoo is home to around 300 animals from over 100 different species and see some of the rescued animals.

The Texas Zoo

There are more than 100 different types of animals that can be found here including the rescued animals that visitors can pet.

The Exotic Resort Zoo

This Safari Park features over 700 animals representing over 45 species and enjoy petting zoo, outdoor pool, camels, zebras, and more.

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